October 17, 2012

All-Star Superman!

All Star Superman is a complete stand alone mini series by mad genius Grant Morrisson and his most synergistic creative partner in artist Frank Quitely.   
Across two volumes Moz and Quitely havecreated the best Superman story I have ever read.  The narrative distills all of the best aspects of Superman and puts them into play in a vibrant and dynamic world of adventure and high stakes conflict.  It feels as if all of the best Superman stories and all of the most important and interesting character of established comic history have been reinvigorated and given new pop sensibility and apppeal. 
One of the struggles many writers have with writing Superman is that it is so difficult to deliver challenges for him to face since he is so powerful.  Unlike mortal and non-powered heroes like Batman and Daredevil, Superman is said to be unrelatable--readers fail to empathize with a character who is basically a god. 
Here Morrisson delicately integrates Clark Kent's emotional and personal life with his rolse as a reporter and a superhero.  The degree to which this is done is so effective and beautifully executed that I cannot imagine any Superman story in the future reaching these heights.


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